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Stats like "Chance to shock on spell hit" are not shown in the character sheet

I am playing a sorcerer, and am using the Lightning Blast skill with the Volatile Lightning node enabled (which adds shock chance). However, when I look at my character sheet, the only ‘shock chance’ stat says 0. Can the character sheet be updated to include optional stats, like Shock on spell hit, when those are non-0? I’m sure there are other examples (Poison on spell hit, Poison on fire damage, etc.). I understand not showing them (because there are probably many) when they’re 0, but when they’re non-0, it’s important to see what they are. Because I have rings that increase my ‘shock on spell hit’ chance, I would like to know what my current shock chance is with Lightning Blast, but because that info isn’t shown in the skill nor the character sheet, I have no way of knowing. Thanks

Yeah, this is a known thing. Not a bug because the character sheet only displays certain info. They are working on an updated character sheet but that took a back seat to multiplayer.

The current character sheet also doesn’t display any skill-specific modifiers from their skill trees or class-specific affixes.

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Thanks, I figured, but when I looked at the bug forum here, I didn’t see anything like this going back a few months, so I figured I’d at least file this so it wasn’t thought it wasn’t wanted.

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Yeah, it’s been mentioned on here quite a few times since I joined but it’s also buried within posts on other topics as well.

It is a re-occurring request though. The devs have acknowledged that there are quite a few things missing from the current sheet that require external calcs or tools to figure out, and they have said they are looking into it. So, we do expect that they will be addressing it at some point in the future, which will be nice. :smile: