Static's Power Surge not Applying to the Skill Correctly

Static’s node Power Surge in its specialization tree does not work correctly. It will make the skill consume mana equal to its number of charges but won’t correctly apply the additional lightning damage per charge to its discharge. When the node is specced into, Static’s DPS counter will increase for each charge, but the actual discharge will deal close to the same amount of damage as before having specced into it. From my testing, a 100 charge discharge with the node enabled did 474 damage, while unspeccing the node and doing another 100 charge discharge did 418 damage. Though this is a difference of about 12-13% damage, the tooltip DPS changed from 1948 with the node specced into, to just 484 with the node unspecced, a difference of 400%.

On a smaller note, the wording between the nodes Empower and Power Surge is different, with Empower specifying spell lightning damage, while Power Surge specifies lightning damage.

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