Static, Unlimited Power node


I have been experimenting with the node Unlimited Power recently to see its interactions with the Lightning Blast skill tree.

First problem i have encountered is the target dummies on Champion’s Gate are not targeted by the Lightning Blast so i had to test on normal mobs.

The Dragon Mage Sorcerer passive doesn’t seem to interact with the Lightning Blasts automatically casted, meaning it doesn’t provide Cold Damage neither Fire Damage with Mirror Breath Sorcerer passive point taken.

Lightning Attunement doesn’t provide Lightning Aegis with the automatically casted Lightning Blasts.

Arcane Momentum doesn’t gain charges with the automatically casted Lightning Blasts.

The target range in order to proc the Lightning Blast seems way too short meaning you have to be very close to a target in order to start hitting it with the automatically casted Lightning Blasts. (Maybe add a node to increase target acquisition range)

I understand that some of these things might be intended but it would be interesting to see more interactions with passives, uniques and other skills with this node.