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Static Overload+UP does not trigger on Lagon

On Lagon boss encounter: Static with Overload (Zap) and Unlimited Power does not activate.
Tried it several times to confirm it.

This also seemed to happen on the last quest in Reign Of Dragons monolith, the big undead dragon, but I was a bit stressed so I can’t 100% confirm.

(Side note: Rift Bolt leech does not seem to work either)

This will be the same reason as most other procs that don’t work on Lagon. LE uses the base of a mob’s model to determine whether or not it is in range. Since Lagon’s base is a long way beneath the player he’s out of range & therefore the proc you mention won’t work.

Reign of Dragons shouldn’t be an issue, you can try it with the Primeval Dragon as it uses the same model but does significantly less damage.