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(Static Orb) Recurring Orb + Volatile Outburst

Hello! I don’t know if this 2 passives are intended to work this way but if you have Volatile Outburst (the most the orb travels the more damage it does), it’s not working with Recurring Orb. I think the way it’s working right now is Volatile Outburst its applied once when the orb its going forward and again when it’s going back to you instead of adding all that travel time for more dmg when coming back to you.

Ex: You shoot Static Orb to point X while standing at point O. When the orb arrives at point X it does 5k dmg. Since it didn’t explode, it comes back to you and when at point O, it does 5k again instead of 10k or so.

I hope I was clear with this.

Can anyone see if this is OK?

We are looking into this.

Thanks for the report.

They are not meant to work together unfortunately. Volatile Outburst is only supposed to calculate damaged base on maximum distance travel outward.

So I should respec then Y_Y