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Static Orb - Busted, Broken, DEAD!

I used to get 3 big orbs and about 5+ little orbs between Idols and Scatter Blast that would swarm around me. Now I get a few orbs that literally start exploding before even the 3secs are up. At most Ill just get 4-5 orbs at a time.

I also now have to go barreling headfirst into the packs while spamming - which means taking more hits. No longer can I use range to help mitigate dmg - i either have to POT or Ward which has brought my clear times down considerably.

Last but not least I dropped from 12.3k dmg to 9600… WTF

So it looks like this spec is dead. At least at being useful for endgame farming.

What is a new spec that you all are looking at that could be comparable to what we had with Static Orb?

The developers hinted to you. Use Static.

The funny thing is you were right in describing how busted and broken the build was =)

And yes its sorta dead. So busted > broken > dead is about right.

It’s not dead at all. 180 Corruption when the patch hit. My clear times went down slightly b/c now I’m using a ton more mana but I’m actually hitting harder than I was before and I’m still filling the screen with orbs. The build is just a bit more mana intensive.

Or you could negate the mana cost quite a bit by shifting from fractured crown back into ward. Just an idea. Either way, removing one point from ball lightning gives you the distance back on your orbs and allows you to put that point back into critical trajectory for that sweet sweet crit multiplier.

That is the problem. Players are used to pressing 1 button and clearing the entire screen. Do this quickly and without spending mana. At the same time, with maximum survivability, because a lot of free resources are freed.

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The Fractured Crown and Orian’s Eye (if I can ever find one) combo with a little mana and man regen should fix that for the most part. Add a little focus from time to time for that pop of mana and some haste and your quick back in business. It is a little slower and a lot less tanky for sure but I’m still 15k sheet and find myself needing to cast a lot less anyway to clear. For bosses just need to keep a little distance so those orbs bomb on target. I was supremely pissed at first as well when I hit “q” and all my orbs were barely at arm’s length but with some minor adjustment it seems fine.


Have you a link for your build ? im new to the game and it s hard to search and find good unique and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I’m currently using. There is some obvious room for improvement here. My resists are all over the place. More crit avoidance and A ton more mana are absolutely needed but I’m having no issues at 200 corruption with just a little kiting here and there as needed. The Orians Eye is elusive af though. It really is perfect for this build if you can find one. Edit: Switch over to some Prism Wraps for a tankier edition.

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Thx a lot man !
I try it and fall in love with it. Cool gameplay and ive got a lot of improvement to do !

How to acquire Fractured Crown ?

Fractured crown Ultimate Fractured Crown Guide (How to obtain!) Last Epoch 0.8.2H - YouTube

Although I don’t like all the changes to static orb, or at least would have liked a mana reduction I love the new speed. Makes my build so much smoother to play!
It makes it way easier to build orbs when they are destroyed by the environment.

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