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Static Orb - Atomic Manipulation

The Atomic Manipulation node in the Static Orb tree does not (seem to) return any mana. I have tested this versus real enemies and not the ‘dummy’.

Atomic Manipulation

“For 4 seconds after using Static Orb directly casting Lightning Blast and hitting at least one enemy will return 25% of Static Orb’s mana cost. This effect can only occur a limited number of times.” (trigger times scales with level)

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Trying to replicate your findings but I think its actually working. Its pretty hard to test this but from what I can see, I have Static Orb with 1 point in Atomic Manipulation, that costs 35 mana and Lightning Blast which costs 9… 25% of 35 is about 9 mana (8.75).

I am casting Static Orb manually, then manually lightning blast at an enemy and I am seeing that its essentially a “free” cast with my mana remaining static for that single cast (1 point only).

I would have to re-earn some more skill points to test with more points in Atomic Manipulation to try and see if its a bigger mana return for the additional hits (i.e. 3x9 ish), but it does seem like its working as expected to me.

What is the process you are using to test this specifically?

Very important note, due to the node wording its important that you actually cast each skill manually yourself and that they are not proc’d by something else. I.e. if you cast Static orb but lightning blast is proc’d by an adorned idol or the battlemage sword would likely not work…

Forgot I posted this I ended up figuring out what it was I have double and quad cast selected which is inflating how much mana my Lightning Blast takes to cast which ironically ended up matching up pretty close to my mana regen / cost of Static Orb + mana return from the node.



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Np… have fun…

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