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Static: how-to and performance

I don’t really understand Static. Llama already explained to me once and I really thought I had understood, but it seems not. What I had in mind was:
Static passively charges while you move or get hit, it passively deals damage, and when activated, it consumes its charges to deal a damage peak to enemies around you

Is it really working this way? I don’t see the passive damage and when I activate it, it deals very little damage. At the moment it feels pretty useless, but there is no (or almost no) useless skill in Last Epoch.

The build has some survivability issue, I would like to remove Static for Flame Ward, but I’d like to be sure what I miss.

There are ways to build static, I used to think it was pretty useless until I came across the builds that use it to cast lightning blast, I have also seen a build that goes in a different direction with it generating static about 110 charges in a second and spaming (edit: link Crit Static Orb Sorcerer Build Guide (0.8.1h) Lootfilter included!).
Static as is does not passively do damage unless modified by tree to zap or lightning blast.

Here’s my current build, with Static set to cast Lightning Blast.
The gear is crap and not optimized at all… :wink:

It doesn’t passively deal damage, unless you take the Zap node or the node that makes it cast Lightning Blast instead of Zap.

The actively cast damage is really small, which is why nobody ever uses it like that.

So it really is extremely weak?
Mine is set to cast Lightning Blast, but I don’t see it do much damage.
Happy to see that I had understood correcly though. You explained perfectly. ^^

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Yeah, Static’s damage when you manually cast it is tiny even if you have 200 charges. It’s only viable DPS use is to cast Lightning Blast.


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I can see you going full spark charges, why mana stike over focus?
Problem is that socerer defenses are not as great as spellblade’s which is why I think sorcerer needs a defense boost somewhere in the passive tree, and you are going into melee with him (brave). Lost knowledge node can help your defenses if any of your skill go above 40 mana.
I would try to stay ranged with the sorcerer but strange builds make classes fun.

Because I don’t like Focus. I don’t like to stand still and not move for a while. That’s why I also stopped using Rebuke with Sentinels.
Mana Strike is active and more efficient. I know Focus can be built in several ways, but I did not find one faster than Mana Strike. And I want to spend time… spending mana, not generating some. :wink:

The guy has now defeated Rahyeh. I changed his gear a bit, he now has around 50% resistance and his threshold is at more than 1/3 of global health. He also has a better weapon.
He was a bit slow against the boss, but nothing huge. The build seems to be relatively decent, even if I think it will lack damage and will not push very high.

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