Static: a spell that makes you understand that you did wrong from beginning

This is the damage I can do at level 48.
Why didn’t I play Spellblade sooner? :rofl:

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Static is a great example why DPS shouldn’t be trusted :slight_smile:

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It always used to be shit, whats changed?

static base crit multi was always 0% “bug” now its fixed and the dmg is insane when you spec the right nodes.
i procc my static with surge and almost oneshot everything "trash is always one-shot and bosses need 6-7 hits “~ around 20sec”
ofc my gear is trash and i need a lot of min-maxing

node: Power Surge-> +added lightning spell dmg for each charge but more mana costs
my Static cost me 215mana, but when its triggered by surge you dont pay any mana costs.

Edit: example-> i was level 20 skilled static “level 4”-> 2points Empower 1 Point Power surge and 1 Point Overcharge. with 125 charges and 125mana cost, my crit was 11k! DMG on level 20 with a fresh char and no economy or gear.
meanwhile my lightning blast deal 100 dmg :smiley:

Edit2: for the math and why this skill deal that much dmg: for each charge 4% more light dmg, “base skill” and for 1 charge 1 flat spell dmg “Power surge node”, with 200 charges = 200 flat added spell dmg + 800% more light dmg.

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Im actually using this build, with Surge that cast static on arrival:

I dash with Surge and…“MAGIC TRICK!” everything disappears or almost :rofl:


Don’t trust the DPS tooltip.

I looked DPS tooltip AFTER wondering: “WTF! Why I can kill everything so easily?!”
Now…besides the damage I see in tooltip this spell works so good and it’s so cool! :smile:

i think firebrand could be rly strong for crit multi and added spell dmg scaling + static charge generation. " i mean its 15% spell crit multi with each stack"
i will test it when my new char is leveled up.