Stat visualization/clarification

I am huge player of Path of Exile, and one of the things that is rather simular is the importans for me is to be able to find the different stats in my character sheet with ease. The thing is that i have ADHD and the way i find them quickly is to scan the first part of the first word in the different sentences, but that is useless in the Damage and minions section since 80% of them starts with Increased.
I know i have ADHD but simultaniasly i know that a lot of people do this aswell, and a lot of the Increased words are redundant or doesn’t add anything to the rest of the sentence.
Examples Increased Cast speed why not just call it Cast speed, or atleast move the increased behind so it woul say Cast speed increase. Another example is the Increased melee stun Chance, where there is nowhere else i can see my actual Melee stun chance, and i know that it is usually backed into the different skills.
And a lot of the spells i can’t see the effect the stats my character sheet tells me it gives extra like the Spell critical strike chance the would increase my smite spells crit chance.

In short: Streamline the stat text (maybe through the KISS model)

Ps. I Love the game so far and want to see it grow. Its a great middleground between diablo 3 and Path of exile. :slight_smile:

Yup, they’ve done some work on redoing the character sheet but it got pushed back by the work on mp.