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Stat stacking and diminishing returns?

let’s say I have 15 points of strength. A skill I use scales by 4% off of both dex and strength points.

Will 15 points in strength directly translate to a damage increase for this skill of 60%?

(ex. 100 base damage before strength = 160 damage)

No it will add together with other increases. So lets say you have 50% fire damage and you have 10 int. Your meteor skill which gains bonus from fire damage and 4% intelligence per point will give you 90% increased damage.

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Your answer sounds exactly like what @vegotio is thinking?

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@Jerle You both are correct.

I understand the potential confusion of my original post. I mention both dex and strength but then only speak on strength.

My original intention was to make a note that if it did not work in an additive way, if it would then be more beneficial to split the points up more of a 7 8 style to maximize potential damage output, assuming I am being restricted to 15 points on a skill that scales with both.

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Ah yea I misunderstood:P We both said the same thing. At first it sounded like he was saying strength increased the base damage by a % and then that value was increased again by the other stat as he mentioned above:)

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