Stash tabs disappearing and bugging out

The stash is bugging out when trying to create and rearrange categories and tabs.
It first happened when I deleted a category I didnt need anymore. I had first moved the tabs to other categories, and after I had right clicked and deleted it I noticed a completely different category was deleted instead. I tried again, and the same thing happened. Both the categories that had now been deleted at random contained tabs filled with items… These are now gone. So I recreated a couple of empty categories to replace them. But when selecting these new empty ones, other categories got highlighted as if they were the ones I clicked. The same behaviour happens if I try to add tabs to these new categories.

The strangest part is that some of the tabs (full of items I may add) I had now “lost” since the category they belong to got deleted, randomly show up when I open the stash. However if I switch to anything else they disappear since the category is missing.

It finally broke completely when trying to drag all the “normal and working categories” to the left it , duplicating the tab on top off eachother. Now nothing can be selected or interacted with. This was the last thing I did, so I only have that part visible as a screenshot.

Notice that the “keys” and “stash tab 1” with uniques are 2 tabs that are now lost in limbo since the original category they belonged to does not exist. They used to be under a category named “uniques” which I dont have anymore. Another category with 2 tabs in a category named Rogue is also completely gone. These were the two that got deleted instead of the one I had emptied and tried to delete, as I mentioned in the beginning.

I have tried to log out and back in but the “prev” file is to big to upload here, so i have split it into 5 parts, but I am not allowed to post more than 5 links (new user) so will reply to this and post the first parts

Player-prev - 3.log (4.9 MB)
Player-prev - 4.log (3.9 MB)
Player-prev - 5.log (2.3 MB)

Player.log (5.1 MB)


Like I mentioned in the post, I could only include 5 links, so here are part 1 and 2 of the player-prev log

Player-prev - 1.log (4.9 MB)
Player-prev - 2.log (4.2 MB)

I have had this EXACT same issue. Extremely frustrating. Lost two whole tab’s of gear. Then on top of that you lose the actual stash tabs themselves…this is infuriating!

Thx for the complete bug report op. Same thing happened to me. I could reproduce the bug by making new categories and deleting them. Lost a third stash tab this way. :slight_smile:

It seems until this is fixed, players should not delete categories in stash to be safe.

Same issue for me,
6 tabs with items (my uniques and set items:'() delete after deleting categories
Player.log (157.9 KB)

I also lost several tabs of things. Did you get any answer from devs. Or solution, to bring things back?

I had this problem and I think the tabs get unparented from a category. I managed to fix it for my particular instance by making a new category that I called Storage, then made another temporary category and deleted it. This seems to drop the view back to the ‘unparented’ category and from there I right clicked and moved the tabs to the Storage tab one after the other. If I lost view of the unparented I’d just create/delete a temporary category again and it would get me back to the unparented tabs. Hopefully this works for some other people too.

same thing happened to me lost my +2 LP uniques and set gear tabs I understand the “BETA” but these game breaking bugs are becoming to many to make it safe to play and from some searching these are bugs that are 2+ years old this is a serious problem as this is a LOOT driven game that is the whole point

Just started experiencing this bug as well last night. It started when i purchased 2 new tabs and nested them under an existing category. Upon doing that, it “removed” a previous category link for 2 categories (“Uniques” category with 10 tabs linked/nested to it, and 2 tabs nested under my main “Mage” category.

Oddly enough, if I created new categories or buy more new tabs, they seem to work but the lower categories that seems to have been “lost” won’t populate or register.

I considered deleted all categories, but the game now has also locked that out for me as well as some categories seem to be linking to other categories and i’m stuck again.

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