Stash tabs containing items deleted

Tried to delete a pair of categories that looked bugged and grouped up. I moved the tabs inside the bugged category to a new one and attempted to delete the bugged category. Instead of the bugged category being deleted, the new one containing the tabs moved from the bugged category was deleted. I don’t see a way to recover the items lost inside the tabs. (1.5 MB)

Heya. That sucks.

Apparently some peope have been able to get their items back by creating new categories and tabs.

I finished an echo, put a few items in my stash, went to end of time waypoint. stash tab was empty, every tab in every category, i been playing pretty heavy since multiplayer release. Its alot of items lost, items i was farming up to try new characters. I am so very sad.

update: I restarted the game twice, and on the second restart my stash and items have re-appeared.