Stash tabs being weird/being deleted while full?

Hello, been trying to organise my stash a little better and ended up being a bunch of tabs/categories.
When making the categories, some of them seemed to get linked to one another.
When trying to clean up categories, one that had multiple full tabs was deleted somehow and now I have two categories with nothing in that I can’t seem to delete, the last of which I can’t switch to; when it is selected, it and the previous tab I was on are highlighted, but I stay on the previous tab.

Player-prev.log (177.7 KB)


Having the same issue, Began after creating a new category tab for a new character I was going to roll.

Later I tried to delete it

This instead deleted my Unique and Sets tab somehow despite there being 4 active and nearly full stash tabs.

Upon logging in and out of that online character The missing tabs were in my first category tab, but were only visible upon first login or when I created and deleted a new category tab.

After much trial and error my stash is back to normal-ish, however, I am now stuck with a category tab I am unable to interact with to delete.

Player.log (283.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (159.0 KB)

Thanks for the info on the inial log-in, managed to get all my tabs back and order them somewhat!
Are you having categories seemingly link to one-another too? Every time I make a new one it seems to attach to a pre-existing one.
Deletion seems to randomly pick a tab to delete too.