Stash tabs are slightly broken (misaligned and ghost tabs)

So the stash tabs are a bit borked for me. Have been for a while now. I started playing in 0.8, and soon after that they broke. And never fixed again.

I’m playing on 1440p, I’ve tried going to windowed, fullscreen, maximized window, all resolutions etc. Nothing has fixed it so far. Issue persists across new and old characters. Game is updated to the latest version as of this post.

As you can see from the video, when I directly click a tab in my “Legendary & Sets” category, it accesses the tab to the left of it. Only when I go to the far right tabs do they work normally.

Also you notice there are unclickable “ghost” tabs. I’m trying to click them, but nothing happens. Also right clicking on them is impossible. These are the “General” tab on top, and the “Stash tab 6” in Legendary & Sets category.

Tabs seem to work normally in “Random” category, where I stash my idols and some other gear. Also it doesnt matter where I access my Stash, bug persists between locations.

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