Stash tab bug

There is a category bug going on with the stash tabs, where you cannot right click your tabs or delete them for this reason, some tabs are acting wierd and linking with other category tabs, i have tried mostly everything to fix this, but nothing seems to work

I already opened a ticket about this and i am currently waiting for a response from Last Epoch Support, im gonna post a link of this bug issue that i just had today, in regards of how the bug happend: i literally just made new tabs and renamed them and colored them and gave icons to the tabs, and then this happened, so organizing the tabs caused this bug/issue.

Last Epoch - Stash (bug) - YouTube

After nothing else was working, this player’s post worked for me Lost most of stashes by trying to remove one of empty category


This is a known bug, for which a fix is in development (and should restore visibility of your items).

In the meantime, this thread has a couple options which might work to restore it