Stash tab bug, locking access to arena Keys

After spending some time ordering my categories and stash tabs I encountered an issue where selecting one category highlights several others (with unique/custom names). Sometimes 3 or more categories will be selected at once.

Many of my stash tabs are totally inaccessible to me as they were previously within these categories. I can sometimes see my missing stash tabs in an order once I relog. I can then reallocate these stash tabs to working categories but this is very time intensive as I have to relog every time.

If I make a new category it may copy the name of an existing default category tab and when selected will highlight both. If I make 3-4 new categories I will eventually get a working category. Another issue is when I delete an older tab (one that causes issues) one of my new (working) categories will get deleted instead.

Edit: If I remember correctly, this started when I deleted a category that had several tabs within it

Edit#2: It looks like I am able to access my stabs but it was a bit confusing. So NOT LOCKED OUT!

Edit#3: Hmm there does seem to be some tabs still missing. I have been unable to locate my tab where I funneled my keys into.

This bug gets worse when trying to wipe my categories. Ive noticed that attempting to delete a category that is “linked” together will delete a later/lower placed category, deleteing an unselected category, some with tabs existing stashes in them, that are now gone.

This might be a weird UI bug but overall it is locking me out of my loot and will seemingly happen if I ever want to use a new category.

Is there a way we can get a Stash a “WIPE categories” function, that resets all stash stabs into the default category? This option wouldnt solve the bug, but it alleviate the issue when players get locked out.

I’m unsure the total number of stash tabs I’ve purchased. Currently I can only access 8 tabs. When I select the “Purchase Additional Stash Tab” option, the purchase cost is 110,000 gold.

I have 4 category tabs.

  • Only 1 category tab is showing stash tabs. (The 8 mentioned earlier)
  • 2 & 3 will always select each other.
  • The 4 will always highlight itself and whichever of the other scenarios were previously selected - so either [ 1 & 4 ] OR [ 2, 3 & 4 ]

If I then select ADD Category, I am repopulated with a previously deleted category, with 7 pre-existing stash tabs.

I then add almost 19 categories and am unable to find the custom stash tab where I allocated my keys. I try deleting tabs in different orders, sometimes the desired tab gets deleted, other times it chooses one of the newest category tabs created. I tried reordering them and noticed how often the “mutli selected” tab aspect of the bug really is.

Im now getting more issues trying to delete some of the new categories I just created. There is no context window when right clicking category tabs.

At this point I have no idea which existing tabs are bugged and which ones might be safe to use.

Ok now I can only get access to that one category with 7 tabs, even when creating up to 20 categories. This time I did not get any of the pre-existing categories. All grey with default naming.

This bug is a rough one.

I have 5 categories with default generated names + numbers.

Categories: [ 6, 15 ,13, 14, 5 ]

  • When [15, 13, 14] all mirror which ever of the other two tabs were selected [ 6 & 5 ]

  • [ 6 ] shows my seven stash tabs.

  • [ 5 ] is empty and the only tab that displays a right-click context window.

  • If I delete [ 5 ], that tab disappears but now if I select [ 6 ] I am no longer shown/given access to my seven tabs.

  • Clicking Add Category then creates [ 5 ], which is still empty BUT then repopulated [ 6 ] with the seven tabs.

  • Clicking Add Category again then creates an additional [ 6 ] and now I can now get a right click both [ 6 ]'s

  • If I rename first first [ 6 ] to [ 6-old ] I am now given the context window for [ 6-old] when selecting both tabs [ 6 & 6-old ]. If I change the name from this menu it always changes the [ 6-old], the original tab.

Edit: to whoever reads up to this point. I am sorry if this post inflicted psychic damage.

I’ve noticed that I can end up in a state with no categories selected, I achieve this by reordering bugged/empty categories, that I can not delete.

When at this state I am shown my set of 8 tabs. So now I have access to 15 tabs, but none of them are holding my collection of keys. Im unsure what other tabs were in that category but I know for a fact that I had a tab of only keys. It was one of my first custom named/colored tabs I made when playing online

Here is an imgur collection showing off the issue.

Pretty sure this is the same old bug that has been in the game for years. Hopefully they prioritize it finally since we can’t fix it ourselves anymore with online characters.

Yip. Definitely sounds like the old corrupt tabs issue. Really had hoped they would fix this before online was implemented cause now we cannot “fix” it ourselves anymore.

@Herdinstinct The devs are aware of this issue - doesnt help you right now tho - as its an older problem that sometimes cropped up with organising categories in different ways. Some players on 0.9 have found that logging in and out of the game seems to “help” in some way by showing tabs correctly, others have found that moving all tabs back to a single category can help “find” missing ones. but that seems to be on a case by case situation so no guarantees there.

I am also having this issue, I attempted to delete all categories and funnel all of my tabs back into one category to start over from there, losing access to two tabs in the process.

When I log out and back in, it now shows two categories instead of the one I had left, the first one containing all of my tabs (including the 2 that were missing), the second containing none.
The two previously missing tabs appear as the first two entries, and if I select any other tab they once again disappear.
if I change category off of the initial one, it is empty as you’d expect, but if I then return to the first category, the two missing tabs are there, and all the other tabs have disappeared instead.
Now, when I create a new category, all of those tabs appear in there.

I have not yet figured out how to fix this weird state of flux that my tabs appear to be in, and since relogging incurs fairly lengthy loading screens it’ll probably be a while before I do if I manage to at all, will report back if anything interesting happens or I manage to fix it.

EDIT: I managed to reach a stage where I now successfully have all of my tabs accessible again at the same time under one category. That said, attempting to manipulate my categories is still quite strange. Right now I have two categories: one named “Category 3” that is completely empty, if I right-click the category in an attempt to edit it nothing happens, and one named “Fixed?” that contains all of my tabs and that I can edit as normal.
When I create a new category it opens up a new category called “Category 3”, and selects both the first category that I can not edit as well as the newly created one. From here I can right-click either of these two seemingly linked categories to edit, and if I do it edits the first category and not the third. if I delete this new category, regardless of whether I right-click the first or third one, it always deletes the third one and I return to previous state of being unable to edit the first category.

Any advice on how to fix this in-game? is it even possible to?

I have exactly the same bug and cant access my key tab as well. Very frustrating.

I’ve recorded some videos of this issue. If staff of ehg would like to see them, let me know where to upload them.

Assuming it is, as I suspect, the same old error, then I honestly, I dont think there is much else that you can do in-game to resolve this.

With pre online (i.e 0.8.5), you could open your savegames/stashfile locally and manually fix the corrupted categoryID & tabID references but thats obviously no longer possible with online saves.

I dont really care about a full fix of the bug. I would like an option

  • that deletes all my categories
  • sets all my existing tabs to their default ID
  • places every stash tab within the same “bucket”

This would be a great QoL option for the stash tab system regardless of this bug.

Is it still ongoing in your case. I am also having problem with tabs. A lost about 5 to 7 of them do not know exactly the number. Is there is a way for me to bring them back? I can live if that is going to happend again, if there is a solution at the moment.

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