Stash Features and more tab customizability

I would love for more tab icons. I’m currently trying to organize my stash but there is no icons for other weapons than sword and axe. Icons for every weapon type would be amazing. It would be nice for more miscellanies icons, for instance, I wanted to save necro minion specific items and match the tab icon with something that matches that theme. Maybe also add tooltip on what the icons represent.

Another cool feature I would love to be added is auto sorting with Tab filters. Let’s say I make a tab for melee one-handed swords and I would make a filter that when I shift click an item from my bags to go inside the Stash, it would auto sort it to the correct tab set by the filter, so I don’t need to go through 10ths of tabs to sort my items :slight_smile:

Also the search filter in the stash only applies to the tab that is currently shown. If I swap to another tab the search filter doesn’t continue over. (Search filter annoyance Meaning I would have to update the search filter, for example, adding and removing a letter. It would also be cool if when Im using the search filter that it would apply to the items in my bags.

Also more colors :slight_smile:

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