Stash eating items


I created a new “main” tab but failed to create a sub category. After shift-right clicking a number of items i wished to deposit I noticed that they were disappearing from my inventory but had nowhere to go in the stash as there was no sub category under the new general tab. I thought perhaps they had defaulted to another general tab but after searching through all my stash these items are no longer to be found. Anyone experience something similar to this? I will try a relog but i fear that they might be gone forever at that point.

Generally, you should include:*
What went wrong?
Log File
Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable


Update. A relog didn’t fix anything. Looks like i just threw several Weavers boots into the void lol. Ill know to make sure theres a tab for them to go into next time. Still something that should be prevented from happening

OK! so upon closer observation (after relogging) It appears the items were placed in the next available tab (that had space available) Im positive they wernt there before I relogged so I assume it was a visual bug that was corrected after relogging. The items are safe though!

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