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Stash Corruption

So, my stash seems to becoming increasingly more and more corrupt. At first it would perceiveable go through every tab(still does this) and when I clicked to pick up an item it would put a seemingly random item from my stash on my cursor. Then after a while, when I picked up the random item it would now leave the item in the stash and also on my cursor, so if I tried to put it back where I had it, it wouldn’t go be cause it was already there. If I put it in another open space, I would be able to pick it up from both locations. If I picked it up from original placement and placed it in a new open(third) location, the second location would act as the original location.

So i tried to clean up my stash, threw away tons of stuff, got to the point where I had 2 clear stash tabs. Now for some reason when I moved a shield from one location to another, the gfx for the shield stayed but I couldn’t interact with it. However upon relogging there was a second shield with the same stats, aka a dupe.

Now I know it’s currently an offline game, and I’m honestly not overly concerned but I thought I would bring it to attention.

Thank you for the report!

If you experience further issues with your stash could you please provide a log file?

It’s still happening. Not the dupe, but the stash corruption thingi.

The file is too big to upload to your forum however. I’ll PM you a link to the file on my google drive.

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