Stash Category can't be deleted properly

What went wrong?

Okay. So, I’m in SC Trade. I made a new category upon buying new stash tabs, so I could organize things more like I’m used to. I quickly realized that I cannot delete the second one.

If I try to delete the categories, the stash tabs in the first category just vanish from the UI temporarily, until I create new categories again. Upon creating a new category again, the missing tabs return.

All kinds of weirdness happens when I then start adding more stash tabs. Can temporarily not take pictures of that.


Player-prev.log (1.4 MB)
Player.log (1.3 MB)

As for consistency, this is persistent and has been for 3 days. I have obviously restarted the client multiple times since then. It persists with other characters too. Have not attempted it in offline.


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I can confirm I have encounter the same bug.

I have 2 duplicate category called “Category 3” in my stash:

And 1 of them is like a “ghost” category that I can never right-click on it to edit it or delete it. When there are 2 selected at the same time like this I can right-click et edit/delete but it will keep the ghost category still. If I delete one of them et add another category it will automatically get linked with the ghost category.

What is a lot more scary is when you do some manipulation of moving around a stash tab and putting it in the ghost category and deleting the other category you can make the stash tab completely disappear! However I have confirmed this is only a UI bug as if you add another category the stash tab come back with all the items. I also have tested that exiting and restarting the game seem to place back the lost stash tab back in a visible category.

However, exiting and restarting the game multiple time does not fix my ghost category and I am feeling I am trap with it forever!

I also want to note that after some searching this was a known bug for about 1 and a half year. A EGH team member did confirm the existance of this bug in this reddit post :

And also this bug have reported in the bug forum here before :

In this forum post a work around existed by editing files in offline mode. However with 0.9.0 in online mode it is impossible to fix this with online characters and stash!

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To add to this, I just tested the behavior of adding a third category like you described and it exhibits the same behavior you just described when I do, so I won’t be more detailed about it than that.

It’s safe to say though that it’s the exact same bug.

Edit: took a picture of the “pairing”.

Edit 2: Added another category, now three of them are “bonded”.

I’ve also now run into this issue.

The good news is you can bug it out more by relogging and then opening the chest, and it will show you all your tabs in a single row, then you can page over the tabs to the ones that are in the broken category, and then you can remove the items, so this bug hasn’t actually lost any items still, like the old one, but it really needs to get fixed as there’s now like 10 tabs I can’t use, and I can’t ever make more categories until this is fixed.

It seems possible to lose the contents of tabs.

I tried to delete a category a few times and only noticed after 2 attempts that it was actually deleting other categories. I created 2 new categories but only got one set of restored tabs.

I’m a new player, just ran into this issue, “Category 3” can’t be edited or deleted and if I make more categories, then highlight one of the two category 3 tabs, they both get highlighted at same time but only 1 can be edited or deleted.