Started new patch, social tab looks like it's been reset

Nothing too complicated.
all of my previous characters are present.
however when i bring up social dialog, all friends are gone, all blocks are gone, looks like it’s simply been reset.Player.log (3.7 MB)

I’m not noticing any problems with the Social window. Could you provide your log file so we can look into this? (122.5 KB)
This is the Player-prev.log file

Well this is a problem for me. I saw one of the people in chat i was sure that was on my friends list and checked with them. Sure enough i am still on their friends list, and apparently because of that, I cannot add them. i’ve tried right click the name in chat to add and tried “add friend” from the social panel and neither works, or even tries to work.

My social panel is still completely blank.

Is there any additional debug information i can provide ?

p.s. i take it this information isn’t sitting in a config file somewhere ?

further update. my social panel is completely broken.

i had several people in chat send me friend requests

i see the friend request flash on the screen but,

1 i don’t get a dialog to accept.
2 there’s no record of it in the social panel[|attachment]

edit: i’ve attached Player.log and Player-prev.log which should include the attempted friend requests.
edit: this really feels like a file permission problem. and i don’t think that i mentioned this is on linux. (208.4 KB)

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