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Hello sirs and lady sirs.

I really really hope you will have removed that stashes are not mode-bound. Currently each character is bound to one stash in Solo-Self-Found, not to the mode itself.

This is very very stupid as people who like to play online but hate the trading community and don´t want to take a part of the “abusive” playstyle but rather do it themselves the “harder” way, they will be SERIOUSLY crippled.

Losing a character isn´t painful but losing every accomplishment you´ve made with the character so your next one gotta do it all over again with nothing, that is so stupid in atleast 500 ways.

There´s a reason why people play SSFHC in PoE for an example, like myself. I don´t like trading…it´s that simple. I don´t wanna lose my stash just because i am against making the game easier, right? Logic…

I know you (the devs) are fans of Path Of Exile & D2…So where in the hell did you think about the idea of character bound stashes?

This is coming from someone who has played eveeeerrryyy ARPG on the market since 1990-ish.

This is also my first complaint about Last Epoch as i do love the game apart from this really really stupid idea, sorry but it´s true. Everything else is spot on.


If you create a new SSF hero and find a stash with items inside, it’s not really “self”. I understand your point of view, but I feel a real SSF gameplay would be with a fresh naked start.

The meaning if solo self found for me is… arm… playing the character solo with only self found gear without sharing the stash with other characters. Playing without trading but with shared stash is already in. It is called:

Offline Mode


The mode is called solo and not solo-self-found, which is a difference.

I do like the slightly different approach.

I think both variants are interesting. I am not sure if it would be to complicated or too “many modes”, if they would add solo-self-found (with shared stash/crafting) as an additional mode, without removing the entirely solo mode.

If we only get one, i personally prefer the current implementation.

as others have pointed out, solo is a challenge mode… there’s currently no difference between solo mode and other modes aside from the restriction of not sharing the stash. in the future, you’ll be able to play offline without solo to get the “solo-self-found” experience. currently, just playing the default mode will do that for you.

It’s all moot at the moment since there’s no multiplayer (/trade community).

IMO, I like how the devs have done it in LE, even though I really don’t like SSF myself, they have actually done a “proper” SSF (unlike PoE which is effectively just an offline mode while still requiring you to be online).

I rather belive that that’s the entire point of SSF, if other games don’t want to do it like that, then that’s their choice.

If you want to have a PoE-like SSF, just start a normal MP character (when they implement that) & don’t team up with anyone, or trade with anyone. Very simple(s)! If you have the willpower (which if you like SSF, you do).

If you don’t want to trade but play with others there is already a pretty good mechanic there for it: Don’t trade! Problem solved, no new game mode needed and everyone can use this like he or she pleases.

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