Squirrel build concerns

I’ve been levelling and following Beastmaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0d) - Last Epoch Build Planner. This is a bleed stack build.

I have been playing this game since early beta, but this is my second online build. I have taken Swarmblade to 300+ corruption, and decided to park him a bit to see how viable and fun the squirrels are.

My concern is that even though DPS seems fine in early monos, this suffers from lack of leech, only in boss fights so far. Clearing mobs seems fine.

Usurper’s Mandate is the only item that gives you minion hit leech, unless I am misinterpreting how minions leech such as with the passive Lamprey Teeth. With the Usurper’s Mandate, you suffer a loss of “minion damage over time” that your weapon gives you otherwise. Am I right to say that all leech is from damage source to itself, and that minions can’t leech on your behalf unless it says “gain health on minion hit”?

Any tips for survival? Can a squirrel build take you to high corruption, or do I have to become better at dodging boss areas of damage? I have abandoned many offline builds due to survivability becoming an issue in Empowered.

Correct, and that’s life on hit not leech. Minion leech only goes to minions unless it specifies that it goes to you (which is phenomenally rare).

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I have survival issues - 2700 hp and capped necro resist and soul bomb from emp of corpses 1 shots me - I have a werebear druid only wih like 200 hp more and survives with ease and pally also survives.

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Walk out of the giant telegraphed abilities?

Same here. Swarmblade facetanks emperor of corpses with ease, yet I get one-shotted with the squirrels. Not everyone has perfect timing to avoid the soul bomb. Squirrels handle everything else with amazing ease though… it’s just certain boss fights are harder.

If I could ever get a damn Scurry helm to drop I want to work on a Beastmaster Fury Leap build where you focus your attacks on stunlocking the entire map while your meth squirrels are maxed out for DPS…

Those devilish little red-eyed beasties are definitely on something strong. Again, big bosses are not going to be stunned for long (I think 0.75s with fury leap). You have to learn the fights now and rely on timing and luck. Yeah, was lucky with the scurry drop and thought to myself… “what fun”… hmm!

You don’t even slightly need perfect timing, you just need to start walking (slowly) out of the AoE when he starts to raise his head back and channel. You don’t even need much movement speed (I’ve personally done it with 7% movement speed), what you do need to do is make sure you never ever have any Frenzy modifiers active on any boss fights. And getting some chill chance is helpful too.

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@Llama8 I have frenzy totem in that build. What do you mean by frenzy modifiers? What are those, and how do they harm you?

Walking slowly doesn’t work for me. Standing in it for one second kills me, and I have about 60% necrotic res (not sure if more will help) and 1.8k hp.

All big boss fights give this build in non-Empowered monos a sense of danger, which I never felt with Swarmblade Empowered except in T4 Julra, which is a fight I really suck at because of bad timing lol.

He’s talking the mono modifiers that give the boss frenzy.

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Because Frenzy gives the boss +20% attack speed so Soul Bomb goes off faster.

Yes I get that, I was responding to the question asked by @Sandman1142.

That’s the second AoE the boss does. After the first the second one starts casting which gives you a second or two to move back in. It also doesn’t require lots of movement speed, but you don’t want to go too far outside of the first one.