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Spriggan's Vile Orb not increasing damage on Entangling Root enemies

Operating System: window 10

Detailed description: Been trying to test out rank 5 Vile Orb with 200% increased damage on a Poison enemies. I try to combo it with Entangling Root because wolf just attacks too fast. Anyway, I am 99% sure Vile orb does not increase Spriggan’s damage against enemies suffering from Entangling Root (which does poison damage). The 100% spell casting buff from ER does work!

PS: I tested more with my own poison damage and Vile Orb and I think it does increase damage but please double check! For some reasons, it does not increase enemies suffering from ER which will be a shame because it’s a good synergy.

What were you doing at the time? arena

How consistently does this happen? all the time

Your system information:

Your log file:

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