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Spriggan's Vale Barrage seems very buggy

First of all, I love this pet! Thank you for fixing it.

I have Rank 2 Vale Barrage now and the projectiles seem to miss a lot. They do this unnecessary circling of the target and of the 5, maybe 2 hits or sometimes 3. Vale Barrage misses the most when the target is close to it.

Even against a group of enemies, Vale Orb seems to miss a lot. You can see them fly in circles and land nowhere.

Can you improve this?

I also feel the damage penalty for Rank 2 Vale Barrage and Vale Assault are too great.

If Vale Barrage is hitting the targets correctly, there’s little point for Vale Assault because you get another 20% damage penalty. Right now Vale Barrage is not hitting correctly especially on the same target.

I would like a node that just increases the casting speed so if I don’t want to rely on Festering and Vile Orb, I can rely on pure Casting damage with Vale Assault.

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