Spriggan totem build extreme lag

Hey, i have extreme lag and rollbacks with my spriggan totem druid build, the start of the echo is everything fine, but 5-10second and its unplayable, its like playing with 1000ms , but if i play my other character (necro with minions), then everything is fine no lag at all. Seems like there is something with the totems.

Can confirm, was just looking for this bug report and you beat me to it.
In multiplayer, high cast speed + totems desyncs the server very quickly for everyone. I’m afraid to play my druid with friends :frowning:

it is extra bad in arenas.

I wonder if it has something to do with totems falling through the floor instead of despawning, creating a bazillion entities to network?

Do you have the idol that spawns thorn totems on hit? I have experienced the desync with multiplayer when I have that idol on as it can spawn more totems than the server can handle…

Yes i have one, interesting, im at work, but i will test without it afternoon.

In my case, no. I am a totem pop build though so I throw totems out like crazy.

Out of curiosity is this using Thorn Totems? We have something noted internally that Thorn Totems are a potential source of lag so that could potentially be the issue here.

Yes, thorn totems, using spriggan form, and use healing totem what is transformed to thorn totem, and i checked , im not using the summon more totem idol and still have extreme lags .

Gotcha, we have eyes on this issue internally, thanks for the report.

It seems to be the vale spirits + thorn totems that are making the game unplayable. My friends were held hostage in the monolith and couldn’t play the game, so I had to stop playing that build.

same issue here, but not running vale spirits