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Build Breakdown


Welcome to another Last Epoch build guide featuring the Spriggan Thorns Shaman for the Primalist. This build is really strong and has great clear as well as even better single target boss killing. Hope you enjoy!!

Build Ranking




  • Minion Critical strike multiplier
    Level To Summon Thorn Totem
    Adaptive Spell Damage For Totems
    Minion critical strike chance
    Minion Damage


  • Health +/%
    Critical Strike Avoidance
    Resistance Cap
    Healing Effectiveness
    Health Regen
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Leveling Guide

Leveling with this build is a little slow to start I recommend going with ice thorns with thorn totems. once you get spriggan form it becomes a lot easier from there. then swap ice thorns out


Final Thoughts

This build does crazy single target damage and you can kill bosses super fast. Taking on bosses with ease. the top in of this build you can clear bosses in under a minute. when you get enough healing effectiveness and health regen you become really tanky gearing for enough armor make you able to take almost any hit. Over all this is a high performing build.


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Aha, I see what you’re doing. I have a shaman totem master myself and was starting to branch into Spriggan with the changes. Odd how Shaman makes a better Spriggan for most builds than Druid…but I digest.

My only critique, while small, could add up to a significant dps boost if you can figure out how to incorporate it into the build. Elder Branch in the Primalist passive tree adds flat adaptive spell damage, which is generally better than % increased to damage.

Also, with Spriggan you could always go for the vines to generate rage per vine and drop the totem rage gen as you no longer gain health regen from healing totems. In practice, I’ve found vines more than makeup the deficit incurred by using totems while the healing provided adds an extra safety net.

The healing totems from E. Blessing also do not count towards the healing totems in spriggan form anymore (sadly as I could stack that to monstrous lvls prior) and are capped at 2. Those 2 points could be flexible.

I hadn’t thought of using puppies here for the frenzy* generation as at max you will have 2? In place I have storm totem which I drop prior to entering Spriggan and dropping the 9 healing/thorn totems. Now, that’s only really necessary with boss fights as the healing/thorn or storm rip apart trash easy enough.

For Thorn Totem, if I remember the maths done on this right in the past On Astral Winds actually becomes a detriment to your dps due to the cast speed loss. They are doing a lot of physical damage anyway (using poison to buff that) so why not drop those and lean into additional crit chance and damage with Lethal Thicket. Also, Unhallow Core is awesome to have if you have the spare point. It makes them somewhat focus fire.

This is my current totem shammy that I am adapting from Tempest Strike to Spriggan form. As you can see, we went a bit different in the routes. I am leaning heavy into cold damage and physical damage. I have a near perfect Death Rattle ammy so I am using that…which now grants 30hp*9 totems = 270 hp regen for each new summon. I also leaned heavily into Attunement which is think is a wash, but it does provide excellent healing benefits as well as buffing the totems.

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