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Spriggan spells mana costs

I am fairly new to the game, and it might be somwhere out there, but i cannot for the life of me find out how mana cost scaling/reducton works with spriggon.
I can use a -3 mana cost wand/staff/scepter and eather have no cost reduction on abilities, or have some be reduced by about 1 in cost and not 3.

Is there some hidden interaction with spriggon and mana cost of spells that is hidden?
Allso, if annyone know if the shaman mastery cost reduction works for spriggon, that would be nice to know aswell, since I’m currently still testing things on the druid and do not have time to make a shaman just to i can try and test one mana cost interaction atm.

First of all attunment reduces spell costs. The spriggan is built arround loosing mana and then transform back to human form. There is a unique belt that helps a lot with this issue.
My spriggan build that is centered arround spamming vines is mana neutral so far and i can spam these 24/7 but only with the uniqoue belt.
All ressource cost reductions work in spriggan form as well IIRC.

I do have the belt, and i was planning my build around perma spriggon. The problem I was having, was that mana cost reductions are not applied in spriggon form correctly/at all (the -x mana cost affixes, i have tested all but the shaman mastery one).
And I kinda just wanted to know what the mana cost formula was, since i want to perma be in spriggon form, and want to know the correct ammount of stats that I needed to balance.

you can have a permeant form without the belt what you have to do is in spriggan form get healing totems get thorn totem specialization. then grab all 4 points after that. then in thorn totem specialization. get mana back if totem dies or unsummoned. then you spam out on full mana your 6 totems then keep spamming after first 2 unsummons you get 36 mana back per unsummon and get infinite mana back that way as long as you keep your totems up to unsummon between skills. that is a way you can do it without the belt. but i keep the belt just for arena so when i kite i can get regen in the moments i cannot stop to unsummon totems