Spriggan positional AI

Was playing a druid, mostly casting at a distance. The ice tiger was “tanking” and I was using a spriggan and vale spirit.

In every tough encounter the tiger would be at melee, the spriggan would be at range using it’s spells. Exactly what I wanted, except that the spriggan always sets up too far away to heal the tiger with it’s active ability.

If I set up closer to the mob (maybe in werebear form) will the spriggan move up or is it programmed to attack from fairly far out? If so I think the heal needs a slightly bigger area (the tiger was generally just outside of it) or the spriggan needs to be programmed to attack from slightly closer.

Minion AI/Pathing is on the list of things to do, per Sarno. Pie in the sky, it would be nice to be able to have scriptable AI.

yea won’t help if you move in closer, I had the same problem (was melee but swapped to caster focus)
The spriggan can heal me but my poor wolves, just choose options for them to leech life and they live pretty well :slight_smile:

An easy “fix” would be to reduce the range of the spriggan’s attack I guess. Would that nerf him? Since he’d still be at range (and ideally halfway between you and your melee pets, so that all get the heal), he’d probably won’t gain more aggro than with the current range :thinking:

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