Spriggan "Healing" Totems--Visually Confusing

So, I am currently knee-deep in a Spriggan build and it took me a while to figure out that Healing Totems (HT) summoned by Thorn Totem (TT) and the Spriggan Totems (ST) (with the “Spiked Totem” node) are two different things. They are named the same the same thing and they look the same. Of course they are different, the build would be borked if they weren’t. But could we get some differentiation in the Totem design?

Simple color alterations would work (green HT and bluish-green ST with aura). I mean, when we choose Pillars of Heorot (cold-imbued TT) we get a style change. It would help players keep a visual cue on the screen about what is summoned and how much without constantly looking up to the minion bars. Just simple QoL changes.

While I agree it’s needed, graphical changes are rarely “simple.”

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