Spriggan Form

I looked if this issue was already discussed or mentioned, but it isn’t.
Yesterday i player together with a friend and he played his Druid, during the normal Story Line all was fine.
When we get to the Monolith Path he had the problem that always when he transformed into the Spriggan Form, he couldn’t walk anymore. he tried several levels and also a relog but nothing helped, only in this form he had this issues, he also use the bearwear form and this one was ok.

Did he use a unique that makes him immobile while in spriggan form? Roots of Vithrasil - Unique Heoborean Boots - Boots - Last Epoch Item Database Sounds pretty much like it. One of the worst uniques ever while it’s very… unique.

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Yesterday we had check this and yes, you were completly right.

Thanks a lot!!!