Spriggan Form - Spiked Totem

Spriggan Form - Spiked Totem: Healing totem also shoots thorns and benefits from your Thorn Totem tree.

Definitely doesn’t benefit from Ice Thorns Totem node. Intentional?
Also doesn’t benefit from Forested Expanse, Eternal Forest, or Grove Mind
Also doesn’t benefit from Guided Thorns.

Secondary question about Spriggan Form:
Does the On Frozen Ground node, which allows Root Wall to cast Ice Thorns, cast the specialized version?

If so, the Thorn Shield node doesn’t seem to work, at least visually. I can’t really tell if Bramble Armour works or not.

This isn’t working, thanks for the report.

It currently does not benefit from your Specialization Tree but it is planned to in the future.

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