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Spriggan Form "Spiked Totem" passive only fires once on cast

build so far. Made new druid to build around this particular interaction.

Text on Spiked Totem node reads as healing totems are now also thorn totems, uses thorn totem skill tree. Taking that node, however, and the one after that summons three healing/thorn totems at once, using healing totem in spriggan form drops three totems, which fire a single volley of thorns, then just heal as normal, or I assume so since leaf twirl aura animation plays like I’m getting healed. Additionally, the damage of that one volley is significantly less than a normal volley of thorns. In this combination, I would have expected for the healing totem ability to have updated tags, as many other skills do when upgraded to have new abilities or damage types, but it does not. Also taking the thorn totem upgrade that refunds mana when a thorn totem(specifically) dies or is unsummoned (Memories of Eterra) makes healing totems return mana on death as if they were thorn totems.

This is the build that I’ve got at the moment.

When I summon the Healing Totems & there are mobs in range they fire their thorns as I would expect as if they were Thorn totems only stopping if the enemy dies or they die. The only thing that’s slightly annoying is that the healing totems seem to do ~1/2 the damage that the thorn totems do, and if the thorn totems are summoned before enemies get within range then they don’t fire at all (but I believe this has been posted about before & it’s annoyingly sporadic).

so the only difference i notice is that i took the branch for homing thorns instead of more totems at once with increased cost, and you didnt take the spriggan form mods that increase number of totems and totems summoned at once, nor the mana refund passive from thorn totem. is it possibly a cast speed issue, or conflict with the homing mechanic? were you able to check if the tags updated in spriggan form when you hover over healing totem on your bar?

No, the tags didn’t get changed. I’m heading towards this:

Skill wise was looking at this, focusing on physical damage and minion poison stacking and boosting my single spriggan. Just sad I can’t use roots and tornado in spriggan form. I had a different plan for another primalist using stormcrows and valespirits, but I have not figured out how to make it work to my liking. may just have to switch this plan to focusing on vines and wall of thorns this time, maybe go bloodroot spriggan with the health mana split cost node.

And yes, it appears to be related to the homing upgrade for thorn totem. When I removed that point the healing/thorn totem combo in spriggan form launched subsequent volleys of thorns, but at a significantly reduced rate. There is a cast speed penalty on the homing upgrade, so maybe it just takes longer than the life of the heal/thorn combo to fire second volley. Is it intended to have to alternate between healing “pulse” or whatever mechanic heal totem uses and thorn volley?