Spriggan Form - Rage upkeep Garden of Rage vs Valetide?

I’m trying out the Spriggan Form and with “Garden of Rage”, I can keep rage up forever. I thought about replacing it with “Valetide” since this entangled root ability looks really nice but I’ve just not about enough points to try it out. Is the rage keep up similar good? I tried “Ire of Trees” but I was not happy with it.

And does anyone know what these vale spirits do? As it looks for now, they seem to do nothing at all. They don’t shoot or cast anything,

The Vale spirits give you additional thorns when you cast spirit thorns.

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Hey LLama,

Do those technically count as your casts for things like thorn totem idols?

Not sure, since the text says “you automatically shoot nearby enemies with Apirit Thorns from the Vale Spirit”, but it could be classed as a proc and the devs have said before that “procs don’t proc procs”.

Edit: Should be easy to test with the enemy training dummy.

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