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Hi, guys!
The Spriggan Form skill has so many tags that I 'm not sure what exactly I need for affixes on my gear? Ok Attunement is the easiest. But what else? As main damage is from Summon Vines I assume I need %minion damage, %minion spell damage and %minion physical damage , correct? Does my %spell damage or %physical damage affect my skills in the Spriggan form? Do I need %Casting speed?

What is best stats for defense for Spriggan form? Armor? Endurance ? Both? Or maybe healing effectiveness to heal more from totems?

I would appreciate if someone share an end-game (mono 100) spriggan form build just to see the stats and how it should be geared. Thanks!

I think summon vines go for minion’s poison but physical, melee but spell. the tag of summon vine says minion attunement poison and melee.

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I scale with Minion Phys and Minion Spell.
This guy reached empowered timelines yesterday: Druid, Level 81 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Note that my main damage dealer is the Spriggan companion

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I think the vine scaling changes depending on spec.

Generic minion damage works. Standard vine is Poison and Melee I think.
If you spec into Razor Vine, I think it changes to Spell instead of Melee. It also does physical, but I don’t know if it stops being poison.

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I ageree

Just a note, you want “minion healing effectiveness” for spriggan and totem healing. “Healing effectiveness” applies to heals YOU cast, not your minions.


in case OP is not aware might be better wait until next patch when druid rework is coming since werebear and spriggan form are getting changed but if you want a decent vines build with good tankiness here is my build planner Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

I am a SSFHC guy so this is friendly to build and solid options ofc. you can add things like bastion of honour and rav void to it. but i wanted to give something cheap and simple for OP. Can confirm this will push 200+ corruption pretty relaxed


Also be aware that EHG want to incentivize (is it the right word?) to change shape often, so perma shape may become difficult…

Is druid or shaman better for spriggan build? I have a BM spriggan but i think shaman is better option

I would say Druid, who will be the most tanky. But you’ll need several BM nodes though

Thanks for the build ! I know about the were- forms rework in the next patch but it is still at least 2 months away so I don’t want to wait :smiley:

Just no. Mike stated a lot of times that they want to make all kinds of playstyles viable if you stay in one form or shift thorugh all three.

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All good mate that build will get you through I can guaranteed it. I hope you have fun get to enjoy what I call my legacy spriggan build.

That was Druid because you were on HC for SC maybe Shaman is better with a bit more damage? What do you think?

Shaman is best in slot for damage. i just prefer druid for the tankiness. but when your stacking attument for poison stacking on vines. i feel after 75 attument not much of a difference things die fast enough. but shaman can reach over 125 attument which is nutty for clear speed and bossing. but for couple extra button presses you can get same damage but extra healing effectiveness for healing totems which make a huge difference and hideskin and druid HP stacking is nutso. my top end on my current druid is around 8k with really good gear but i can reach 7k no problems. that is hard to beat. if i go full meme HP stacker 10k is possible in a perfect world LUL. but yeah druid tankiness for me makes a huge difference over the extra 50 attument i get with shaman. but again i did say im a HC main so that can also be why my perception is scewed to more “balanced” kinda build with high tankiness and more than enough damage

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Very nice build!
One question, why the axe? I haven’t found it, so I’m still using a staff, and I was wondering what the axe was bringing.

only using axe for extra attument and strength honestly. plus the sprites are nice extra aggro procs to keep stuff off you in higher content.

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OK, thanks! So if I find it it’s good, if I don’t I won’t mind ^^

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