Spriggan Form Ice Branch Not Converting All Poison Chance Into Frostbite Chance

I am playing a Spriggan Druid
I have the points - Ice Branch, Pillars of Heorot, Branches of Winter, Winternid Thorns, Iceshard Roots

So basically I should have every single skill converting poison chance into frostbite chance

I noticed im still applying poisons however…

Went to the solo target dummy in Champions Gate, entered Spriggan form ( my Summon Spriggan doesn’t attack it btw )

I am applying stacks of poison ( up to around 10 stacks if I hold down Spirit Thorns )

I equipped ViperTail, went out and back into Spriggan to avoid snapshotting

I now apply 10-20 stacks of poison?

This makes no sense since Ice Branch should be converting poison chance from ALL SOURCES

Clearly bugged


My Character’s stats say that in Spriggan Form I have 137% chance to poison and only 64% chance to apply frostbite

When I leave Spriggan Form my frostbite chance doesn’t change

Again according to the skill node… ALL SOURCES of poison chance should be transformed into frostbite

All players playing ailment cold spriggan are being robbed of their damage right now…

This also seems like an easy fix…

I found the exact thing that is causing this bug…

Unique Item - Frozen Ire

With it, I am applying poisons

Without it, I am only applying frostbite

Please fix ASAP

Also I noticed that “Tundra Nova” never activates

blah. I just made another thread with screenshots as well. Then i found this thread. :man_facepalming:

Add the screenshots here as OP didnt provide any :slight_smile: