Spriggan form and procced skills

At the current state, spriggan form is known mostly for a support role to help sustain rage in either werebear or swarmblade forms.

The 2 other forms have much easier time maintaining above 10 maelstrom stacks all the time but it’s terrible to proc maelstrom in spriggan form.

Entangling roots, from the nature of the skill, is a tree-related skill. Yet, while werebear only takes 4s (even less with cooldown recovery) to cast entangling roots while using maul; for spriggan form, it takes minimum 21 spirit thorn casts (how long will 21 casts take?) to cast 1 entangling roots. How does that even make sense?

Procced skills in spriggan form, except eterra’s blessing, just feel terrible to play with.


Entangling roots proc mechanism change:

  1. Reduce the number of spirit thorn casts to summon vale spirit from 5 to 2, then player only needs to cast spirit thorn 9 times to proc entangling roots. This will enable spirit thorn entangling roots DoT build
  2. Only need 1 point in spiritwhisperer to unlock valetide, then player only needs to cast spirit thorn 11 times. Also, player has 2 more skill points to use in other nodes.

Maelstrom proc rate change: Instead of 15% chance per point in spirit vortex and glacial grove, buff the rate to 25%.

We agree with Entangling Roots being too awkward to proc in Spriggan Form.