Spriggan companion Damage


i followed boardman21’s spriggan machinegun build.
So far so good, tooltip minion damage is 382% as of this writing. If i test the damage on the training dummy he hits for about 40-50 damage per shot. If i buff the spriggan with frenzy totem/roots and eterra’s blessing, he crits for 150ish damage per shot.

In all fairness, that can’t be right, can it? I skilled into the spriggan skill towards vale assault, if that helps.

Edit: It seems this thread can be moved to the bug subforum. THe damage from the spriggan stays the same, even when i remove all items on my character. It seems somehow the damage scales not up with gear and skills.

I assume this is the spriggan pet correct not the form title through me off :smile:

What is the problem? Crit damage is 2x normal damage.

Edit: Entangling Roots gives Spriggans an additional +20 flat spell damage, which is why the crit damage isn’t just a flat x2 of the non-buffed non-crit damage.

Also, this should probably be in the Primalist section of the forum.

Its not the critdamage that makes me wonder, its the base damage. Each hit deals around 40-60 points of damage. With all buffs up it can reach 100 non-crit. That still doesn’t seem correct. Also if you do take into account that the numbers do not change when i take my whole minion damage gear off. There may be a chance, but that is maybe 2 points of damage.

These are the minion stats: Screenshot by Lightshot

That is the actual damage on the training dummy without buffs: Screenshot by Lightshot

E: 377% incr. minion damage. One shot deals 60 crit damage. I don’t know how the minion damaged is calculated, but that would mean the spriggan has less than 1 base damage.

E2: discarge the point that it is a bug. I moved a few skill points and with 5 points in eternal nature i already crit with 1k per shot on the spriggan

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