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Spriggan Aspect Of The Viper Beastmaster, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.4

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Spriggan Form Aspect of the Viper Beastmaster, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.4 - YouTube

This is much less a build guide and more of an update of what I have been doing for day 1. Full Build guides coming back next time.

Build Summary :
So this patch day has been a rough one. As I am typing this I am about 20 hours awake, and I spent a good 14 of them trying all different kinds of druid builds. Sadly Druid is severely lacking as of the making of this video, and instead of showcasing a bad druid build, lets talk about Aspect of the Viper Beastmaster instead!

So we are utilizing the insanely strong Aspect of the Viper, which initially is a buff that gives us 100% poison chance global, and 100% increased damage over time. We then of course tack on 50% poison effect as well, which not only applies to the poison’s base damage, but also the effect of the shred it applies. We then stack aspect effect, which will multiply all of these mods.

We then use the newly added Spirit Thorns to apply our poisons. It fires a few projectiles that home in on enemies, and it has the same ailment application rate as Flurry, and means we need a little bit more to get more bang for our buck. This + a lot of cast speed scaling means we can apply hundreds of poisons on seconds.

This build actually has decent sustain thanks to the addition of healing totems. Just plopping down some totems means you get a hefty chunk of healing to help us out. We also have a 10% chance to cast a spirit thorn cast from a healing totem every time we cast Spirit Thorns. It means we can push our damage further.

We also can proc Maelstrom with casts of Spirit Thorns, allowing us to reach up to 11-ish stacks on average, which means we cast lightning on nearby enemies, allowing us to hit more on a single target.

So one note, Ice Thorns did not leave us this patch, so we are currently using it to gain armor when hit, but this will be leaving us eventually, so be warned one day this might not be here anymore.

I experimented a lot with companion support. Double Spriggan, 1 Spriggan 1 Crow, Solo Spriggan, and the main problem is to support a solo minion properly you need open prefixes, to craft minion HP and HP regen. The problem is that is where all of our damage comes from because we are an Aspect of The Viper Build, so I heavily do not suggest runnign a companion, but that only leaves us with 4 skills to use.

All in all, I am happy with this builds progress, and hopefully I can revisit it at a later date, as this was rather rushed due to the fact I spent most of the last day trying to make Druid function to no avail.

I plan on returning to this build to refine it, but I dropped a pair of Snowdrifts, and really want to use them. I would normally also do a leveling guide but I dont have too much recommendations on how to level primalist yet, I plan on playing a character solo here soon so I can. Thank you guys for everything, and also thanks for the recent 4k subs on YT! You guys are the best!

Gear In The Video : Beastmaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Loot Filter Im Currently Using : Spriggan Beastmaster -

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