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Spreadsheet of Quests and Rewards. Default to Show Side Quests With Rewards

Here is the link. Let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas for spreadsheets that you want to see made. Made using the information found on

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It is hidden unless you share with each person individually.

Why wouldn’t you just use Tunk’s quest page?

Personal preference I guess. More used to spreadsheets. Also allows flexibility. Being able to see all side quests that give a reward is nice to have. Can not really do that on tunklabs. Though I do love tunklabs. Just threw it together and decided people might find it useful. It is usually the small stuff that annoys me the most lol

It should not be. Though if you undo the filter it does it for everyone lol. Did not realize that. I will delete that portion I guess. I just undid the filter to get rid of confusion.

Since it is only viewer you will have to download a copy to use the filters. Sorry, I also did not realize that. I thought I was on my other google account to test the link but I was not so I apologize for that. But, if you do download a copy of it you should be able to filter it.

Just found out in the top left in the ribbon bar there is a filter button where you can create a new temporary filter to use instead of having to download it. It is right next to the green “View Only” button

Far be it for me to criticise someone for using a spreadsheet, but, you sure about that?

I meant only seeing side quests that give rewards. In the image you see other side quests. I wanted just a list of all side quests that gave rewards so when I was going through the campaign I could look at it. Yes, it is a very minor thing but my brain for some reason really picks up on minor inconveniences that can be solved somehow. Now I can filter the rest out and only have a list of side quests with rewards. Again, I know it is a small thing.

And if you click on the Passive Points/Idol Slots buttons you’ll filter the quest list for those quests with those as rewards unfortunately, you can’t filter for both at the same time. I’m just being pedantic & saying that Tunkl’s site already does 95% of what you want.

Nice spreadsheet, thanks…it’s always good to have more people interested enough in the game to do things like this.