Spoiling uniques

My least favorite thing about arpg “leagues” is all the secrecy about what’s new. Leagues resetting progress requires a new start, and a plan for that start. Having to make that plan in an information vacuum always feels very disrespectful of the players time. I don’t want to play something for 60 hours only to discover it’s the one class that didn’t get an interesting build enabling unique this time around. I wish ALL change info was made available beforehand. Anyone else agree?


Nope, but you can check https://www.lastepochtools.com/ for the new info shortly after it’s been patched.

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Very heavily disagree.

Finding and discovering these things on your own while playing the game is one of the best feelings ever.

Especially as a veteran player it is really refreshing to encounter something “new”. Especially when something catches you off guard and you stop for a second and are like:“Wait, what did I just drop, what can I do with this?”