Spirit Thorns completely misses the target dummy

I did read the description of Spirit Thorns, so I know its “directional”. But even so, I feel that if you aim at a target (dummy or actual monster) with cursor highlighting it, Spirit Thorns should 100% hit that target with at least one thorn.

Spirit Thorns are made to be direction and also have homing. Since the dummy is not an enemy, Spirit Thorns will not home towards it therefore it will feel odd when trying hit the dummy.

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Is that something that can be changed? It also makes it so Upheaval Totem etc won’t attack the dummy and makes things very difficult to test.

Have you guys thought about making the Dummy a “Spire” which has a “fire invisible blast which deals 0 damage” attack with a 99 minute cooldown?

The dummy not being an enemy is something that’s been talked about for years. They are aware of the community’s desire to have the dummy be “hostile” such that everything can attack it (totems, Devouring Orb, etc).

Is this similar in “feeling” when trying to use spirit thorns to break objects in the environment? Sometimes it works, but mostly tends to fail, especially when closer to the objects.

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