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Spirit Plague question

The spell on the skills page says it does 1002 dps, but when I test it on the dummy it does around 1000 damage total over the course of 3 seconds. Am I missing something?

It’s damage over time and it stacks, so the DPS tooltip can’t really be accurate. The most you cast it on a specific target, the faster its life diminishes.
Spirit Plague is a very powerful skill that can be used for long.

Spirit plague doesn’t actually stack.

That being said, I’m not sure how the dps tooltip is being calculated, but I do know that there are a few things that are affecting tooltips that shouldn’t (cast speed is one such example I’ve seen mentioned).

It doesn’t stack. Although it has nodes that increase your damage globally (dot and spell) s. Do recast is a thing because these modifiers stack as a buff in you.

I’m not sure how accurate the tooltip is currently. But be aware that the damage numbers of the ticks are appearing every 0.5 seconds. So to determine your DPS on the dummy you need to sum up 2 ticks.

The first tick of SP seems to be shown after 1 second and always has a higher number than all following g ticks. I assume it’s because it automatically sums the first 2 ticks.

You’re right, it doesn’t technically stack. But the more you cast it on one specific target, the most damage this target takes. See for example on a semi-boss who fast it increases.