Spirit plague problems

2 days ago i started testing spirit plague.
i tested my theories on the dummy in town.
i have soulfire equipped that gives necro and fire skills 187 percent ignite chance on hit.
my wandering spirits proc this my skele mages proc this both are necrotic skills.
spirit plague is also necrotic skill.
it does not proc soulfire.
tested each skill with that skill being the only skill equipped.
does that mean that spirit plague also doesnt prob my plague bearers staff on hit bonuses to?
thanks so much for always responding to my questions. means so much.

Soul Plague has the Damage over Time tag so it does not hit & therefore can’t proc the ignite chance from Soulfire (or anything else that requires a hit). Skele mages won’t proc it since they are minions & only benefit from affixes/etc that have “minion” in the name.

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