Spirit Plague -> Pestilence Specialization Bug

The Pestilence spec for Spirit plague reads:

“You deal increased damage over time when you afflict a target with Spirit Plague.”

However, I am not seeing any indication of this buff when using Spirit Plague.

The Hungering Souls skill, on the other hand, has a similar spec (Inspired Hunger) which grants global DoT damage. I am consistently seeing this icon/buff appear as I expect it too.

Can anyone else check this, has anyone seen it? It would be really nice to see the ‘Pestilence’ buff there, just like “Inspired Hunger” is.

Pestilence is working-- you can see the buff in the Damage Stats section (right column) of the Character Sheet. There are many things in the game that still need to have a buff icon added-- we do plan to add more. Sorry for the inconvenience while we work on that.

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