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Spirit plague node laceration, allow bleeds from minion attacks

I’m not sure if it does already or not, but this node’s description does not mention minions also being able to inflict bleed ailments from it. I suggest updating the description if it does, or allowing minion attacks to also benefit from it if they don’t already.
I’m also not sure what is going on when we invest more than 3 points into laceration for a greater than 100% chance to inflict bleed. Does it create a chance to inflict 2 stacks or is this in need of a little balancing?

The Node already clearly states that it does not affect minions.


Your minions are not “you”

Ailments in LE works quit differently from alot of other games.
Having greater than 100% chance to inflict an ailment will apply multiple stacks.

With 150% chance you will always apply 1 stack and you will have a chance of 50% to inflict a second stack.

This is how ailments work in LE.

You can apply as many stacks as you can get % chance.

In addition to what Heavy said, if you apply both Spirit Plague & Bone Curse, when you minion hit the target they proc Bone Curse & the Bone Curse hits will proc the Laceration node’s bleed. The same goes for the Putrid Recovery node’s Ward recovery.

And if you really wanted to go nuts on the abuse of mechanics, if you take both the Crimson Enlightenment (Bone Curse casts your Rip Blood when it runs out), Illusion of Pain (Bone Curse “runs out” after 1 hit) & Cursed Limbs (for 5s Bone Curse is reapplied by all of your hits) nodes, when your minions hit the target that’s got Bone Curse & Spirit Plague on it, they proc Bone Curse (lots of damage) which then gets rid of it (due to Illusion of Pain) so it casts Rip Blood which then reapplies Bone Curse to everything in range of Rip Blood’s Blood Splatter. So that 1 minion hit results in 1 hit from Bone Curse which procs Spirit Plague’s Laceration & Putrid Recovery nodes, and you get 1 Rip Blood hit which also procs Spirit Plague’s Laceration & Putrid Recovery nodes plus an additional hit from 1 of the Blood Splatters (which, you guessed it, procs Spirit Plague’s Laceration & Putrid Recovery nodes).

That does sound like a very strong synergy in action. I think i’ll have to try this out as you described at some point.
Still, it would be nice to have a simple way to stack up bleeds with minions, like we can stack up poison from the acolyte’s dominion of rot passive. If minions procced laceration with only a quarter of the chance than from player hits, i would still use it. I’m trying to plan a simple combined minion and DoT build, but other than that acolyte passive that inflicts poison from minions, i cannot find any other way for them to inflict ailments.

EDIT - I noticed a lich node for minion bleeds but i shall be choosing the necromancy mastery. Is taking passives from any mastery still a thing? Seems illogical tbh but it would be an option.

Bone Curse can inflict bleeds as well. As long as the Lich node is in the left half you can still take it, I assume you mean Serrated Bones.

Aura of Decay has a node that while minions are affected by your aura they will poison 100% of the time but will be poisoned once per second, theres also a connector for minions to deal 150% more poison damage while under this effect

Ive never tried it, I highly doubt the poison would matter against the minion since I think base you only get 3 poison stacks and it scales off your damage, you could take the Decrepify node

Ive tried ailment minions in LE as Necro/BM/Druid. on Necro using Dragonflame Edict I wouldnt recommend it though, even with over 19 minions doing ignites did less damage than a single Spriggan/Manifest Armor and if you want poison stacking minions I would recommend Poison Vines

edit: the top Bleed pet a long time ago was Raptor which had a node that consumed all bleed stacks and im pretty sure got a damage bonus from it, this node was just straight up removed but it was capable of poison/bleed Raptor/Wolf combo of over 500k dots before the dummy died