Spine of Malatros working nodes?

Does anyone have a list of which nodes actually work with Spine of Malatros after the patch?
I found some in youtube comments and reddit, but the lists are vastly different.
I want to build something new around it, but dont want to go trial and error way

The main thing to note is that the conversion nodes change the ailment types Flame Whip applies, but doesn’t change the skill’s damage type (test: I took the necrotic/poison convert node while having no poison chance but both Ignite Chance with Fire Skills and Damned Chance with Necrotic Skills, the whips applied lots of poison, converting my ignites, but no damned stacks). Other than that - spirit frequency affects whip frequency, but other modifiers to or replacements for spirits do nothing. Anything that specifies fissure damage over time or fissure ailments per second don’t affect whips but do still work for fissures, but generic fissure damage on the bottom of the tree appears to give whip damage, including the ramping damage per second one. And of course, the initial hit nodes on the right and lower right work fully, including Acidbane if you can make it work.

If they ever fix the conversions, we’ll need to test Grim Tide because if you can double-dip off crit multiplier while getting crit multi per necrotic resist, that’s a lot of damage on the table. Sadly, we’re at least one step away from that, and Ignite Overload is a big buff to pass up in the meantime.

thank you for reply. I think devs should add some alt text node on every single one, if it works for spine or not. I had idea of going full fire ghostflame, utilizing fissure nodes only to buff tendrils that go out from ignite overload (and sometimes drop fissure under boss before going back to ghostflaming) and im kinda lost even with the explanation

It’s a little confusing, yeah.

To give a proper list, Death from Below, Pyrochasm, Fissure of Wrath, Acid Skin, Acidbane, Chronicles of Ruin, Grasp of the Undying and Eradication make Flame Whip hits do more damage or apply better debuffs. Stygian Current gives you more whips per second, while Of Gloom and Flames and The Sunderer’s Domain let you have more fissures, releasing more whips (I don’t recommend The Sunderer’s Domain, it’s fiddly and mana hungry and it’s only a damage gain if you can maintain all three fissures). And Fragile Crust and Chthonic Passage don’t directly affect the whips but do provide quality of life benefits that still apply when using a Spine.

Also of note, the Chaos Bolts node The Burn should be a useful synergy to mean you don’t need to spam Fissure as much but a bug means it causes extreme lag for the rest of the instance once it procs. Avoid it until you see a patch note saying it’s fixed.

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Thanks a lot! Made a screenshot of it so i never lose the list :smiley:
I still want to incorporate it into pure ignite ghostflame buildm which is not as straightforward as it sounds, because the infernal lash node only activates on cast, not on channel (so only the first click) and scorched reach only on hit, and only the first hit from ghostflame counts as hit. So the game play is basically 3 seconds intervals of channeling to keep both nodes active. I wish devs changed the on cast and on hit to work with channeled abilities, that could convince more people to give it a go