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Spelling mistake

Was just reading around and noticed in the FAQ, updating has a d instead of a t.

<h4>Will you be updading the pre-alpha demo?</h4>



Of course! Edit - May be due to the current computer unable to load certain stuff so I can look when I get home unless someone else can confirm something is broken.

Also noticed a random rectangle type symbol without a connecting line underneath under the
<h4>My Primalist summoned a pet and it had a custom name! Is this a bug?<i></i></h4>

<h4>How do you pronounce Epoch?<i></i></h4>

People calling our game ‘epic’ is also acceptable. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like the emoji aren’t being rendered for you, for some reason.

Yeah I just made an edit while you responded. My work computer probably doesn’t pick up a lot of picture, emoji and sometimes java type stuff. Using a basic ability to get the job done type computer here. It’s been a while since I have used a work computer and had time to kinda surf around a little since I switched departments.

I’d be sorry to see them go, but I’ll talk with the team about whether getting rid of them might be the professional thing. We’re quite busy at the moment, so I can’t offer an ETA on when we might’ve reached a decision.

Don’t sweat it. These are basically “fine tuning” areas. I’d rather have the game with more, if not all, classes available sooner if that means skipping this for now.

So I got home and checked it out. I can see the emoji under the pronounce Epoch section, but still see a box under the Primalist section. :Shrug:

I’ve removed the two emoji from the FAQ page.

The team hasn’t had a chance to discuss their role on the forum yet.