Spellblades feel really underpowered-- especially in their defensives

So I am running a ward build.

Im using the same gear that my void knight, paladin, and runemaster use

IE freezing gloves for ward retention, last step boots, and exsanguinious as the base.

Ive take every ward generator known to man, and have specced and respecced adnauseum from 1500% freeze shatterblade, all the flame melee skills, and mana strike lightning builds.

shatterblade generates the most ward over 2.5 seconds, like about 40kish, BUT you run oom so fast that when you use mana strike to get your mana back your ward is pretty much gone.

Also— shatterstrike really only generated the ward vs packs-- when it comes to monolith bosses its terrible.

Now I can take that same gear and put in a any frostclaw variant of a runemaster and the rune master is very tanky, same with the sentinals due to their healing hands ward generation.

Also-- for the nost part, the damage on the spellblade is very low compared to runemasters and sentinals.

I didnt play beta, but ive read there was a time when spellblades has great defense.

Im posting this because this class has to brought up to par with the other classes, its really bad.

I can clear mono bosses and orobos shades in one go with other classes, but it take me multiple tries to kill them on a spellblade as he gets one shot due to poor single target ward generation.

and until you devs change the way defenses work in this game, ward is by far the most beneficial form of defense.

Resists are worthless here, mobs break through them too easily, and when was the last time we could ever build a 60000 to 150000 hp toon?

NEVER-- but you can get your wards there.

These mobs are hitting for 30k in mass fields around you, and if you dont go ward, you will not have the hp nor hp regen to survive.

As far as resisits go having 75% is the same are having none because most mobs are ignoring the resisits.


help the spellblade

thank you

Not surprised you haven’t received any replies lmao. Spellblade is a forgotten mastery by EHG and seemingly the player base due to how bad it is. I applaud the game where its at and the leaps and bounds EHG have made to get it to release… but damn it sucks that Spellblade is such a forgotten class in comparison to the others. It needs heavy rework and changes to compete.

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